Unique features

Obbomed® anti-decubitus air mattresses offers unique functions.

Designed for optimal patient comfort and lowest nursing costs.

Key advantages are:
Toilet feature

One person and one push of a button can quickly create a recess opening to place a bedpan, avoiding a long preparation procedure and giving the patient and caregiver the on the top cover.
The caregiver’s preparation time, the number of caregivers needed, and the
time the patient has to wait to use the bedpan are all cut dramatically.
The process can be performed relatively quickly with easy cleaning for a vastly improved sanitary routine.

Guardrail feature

Air-filled Inflatable Guardrails: Air gives patients flexibility to bend to free the arms, legs or body stuck between the mattress and guardrails.
Yet the air cells within the sleeves offer soft but strong support as well as flexibility to recover their shape.

Temperature Distribution

With the Warmer function, soothing and relaxing heat is distributed along the patient’s back directly above the alternating air cells.
This reliable source of warmth helps support the immune system and may improve circulation.



Features 7 vibration massagers operated by a microprocessor to support 8 massage modes.
Subtle to deep massages can ease pain, reduce tension, increase metabolism, or support blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue.

Self-Lateral Rotation: 15°

Cone-shaped air cells that automatically produce a 15° lateral
rotation while in “Alternating” mode to enable regular movement

Multiple Rot ation Angles: 15°/25°/40°

necessary for circulation and increased comfort.

The design offers multiple angles of lateral rotation to meet unique demands of each individual, especially beneficial to patients who
need extra movement or patients who suffer from pulmonary conditions.